Maghnoa Doul, Kaziranga

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Maghnoa Doul is located at the east of the Pichola River on the banks of the Maghnoa Beel. It is also known as the Phulbari Doul. Maghnoa Doul is embedded in history and thus a popular tourist destination close to Kaziranga.

It is believed that during the ancient times, the Maghnoa Doul was considered sacred as an idol of Goddess Kali was worshipped here. However, during the invasion of the Maan, the Goddess’s idol was hidden. The idol however was never returned to the doul again but installed in Deotala.

The Maghnoa Doul towers to a height of 75 feet and houses the Bulani Ghar, where the idol used to be enshrined. There is a five feet high wall that serves as the boundary to the doul. Once upon a time, there used to be several valuable sculptures and idols in the doul. But today none can be seen here as it is believed that the local people have stolen them.


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