Deotala, Kaziranga

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Deotala is the place where the recovered idol of Maghnao Doul is currently installed. During the Maan invasion, the ancient Maghnao Doul idol was hidden to prevent it from getting destroyed. This hidden idol was recovered from the Gavoru Beel in Kherajkhat.

Once it was recovered it was taken from Gavoru Beel and enshrined at Deotala which was formerly known as the Bor-Kalaika Thaan. Deotala literally translates to – ‘Deo’ – god, ‘Tola’ – to lift. Deotala is about 8 kilometres from Narayanapur in Lakhimpur district. Narayanapur is about 34 kilometres from the Kaziranga National Park. The place doesn’t have elaborate architecture, or anything yet transcends normal expectations. It is serene and beautiful in its own way.

Devotees who visit the Maghnao Doul also make it a point to visit Deotala as it seems quite incomplete to visit the Doul and not see the idol. Maghnao Doul is also close to the Kaziranga National Park.


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