Sheetla Temple, Kaushambi

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Located on the bank of Ganga River about 69 kilometers in the west of Allahabad, Sheetla Temple is considered to be one of the most important shrines of cosmic importance or shaktipeeths dedicated to goddess Sati Parvati, the supreme incarnation of female power in Hindu religion. There are 51 shaktipeeths in India.

It is believed that the temple is more than one thousand years old. The statue lodged in the sanctum sanatorium shows the Goddess Sheetla Devi sitting on a gardhbha or an ass.

Kara where the temple is situated is an ancient township. It has been the seat of several ruling Hindu dynasties since the medieval times. The remnants of the fort of the last ruler of Kannauj, Raja Jai Chand, lying close to the temple can still be seen by the tourists who visit this place in large numbers.

Devotees of the goddess Sheetla believe that her worship particularly on ashtami, the eighth day of Krishnapaksha can rid them of all the evil influences.

The shrine not only attracts Hindus but believers of other faiths as well.

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