Digambar Jain Temple, Kaushambi

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Built in 1834 in reverence to the 6th Tirthankar Lord Padma Prabha, Digambar Jain Temple is one of the most visited pilgrim destinations for people of Jain community across the country.

The existence of the Shwetambra temple dates back to the life time of Lord Mahavir. It is believed that the place where this teerathsthan-pilgrimage centre- is situated was consecrated by several visits and sermons of Lord Mahavir.

The magnificent temple is embellished with intricate yet beautiful designs that testify to the artistic skills of the craftsmen of those times. The main attraction of the temple is the 30 centimeter tall white idol of Lord Padmaprabha seated in padmasan with a very calm and tranquil face. It has been carved out of a single stone. The temple also contains the footprints of the Teerathankar.

It also offers a view of an ancient fort with twenty gates built by Maharani Mrugavati, currently in ruined state.

The temple is situated on the bank of River Yamuna approximately one kilometer from Gadhva Kushal village.

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