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The game of golf came to India during the British regime since the English men were avid golfers. They set up the first golf course in Calcutta in the year 1829 making India the first country outside Britain to host it. It was called the Royal Calcutta Golf Course and is obviously the oldest golf course in the country. Later on more golf courses were built in big cities such as Bombay, Bangalore, Shillong, Delhi and many more.

With the passage of the time, the popularity of the game grew and even smaller cities also started setting up golf courses. They were set up around the lakes, tea estates, forests, deserts and in the cantonments built by the British government.

The topography of Karnal is ideal for setting up golf courses. Consequently the Haryana Government set up a golf course on the bank of the Western Yamuna canal close to the Oasis complex. The course is so designed that it lies on both sides of the National Highway No.1 of the Grand Trunk Road. The players have to pass through an underground passage to continue the game.

The Karnal Golf Course is set amidst picturesque surroundings close to Karna Lake and Oasis Complex. It has put the city of Karnal on the map of golfing destinations in the country.

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