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Karanjia is a town in the Mayurbhanj district of Odisha. The place is famous for the temples dedicated to different deities of Hindu Gods and Goddesses. Several scenic spots flanked by the town boosts the tourism in Karanjia.

Several ruins of ancient forts can also be found in the nearby places making Karanjia a preferred location for tourism. Karanjia calls for a large number of devotees to celebrate the Dolo Yatra and the big fair that comes up along with this festival.

Tourism in and around Karanjia

Karanjia has a wide number of temples which contributes to the divinity of the place. Maa Ambika Temple is dedicated to Goddess Ambika who is the presiding deity of the town. Temples including Jagganath Temple, Shyamarai Temple, Purneswar Temple, Mangala Temple, Rani Sati Temple, Barkhanda Temple, Thakur AnkulChandra Temple, Satya sai Temple and Rameswar Baba Shiva Temple are among the other important places of great reverence and devotion in town. Karanjia tourism offers its visitors an opportunity to explore the natural beauty of Bhimkunda where a majestic water tank enchants the onlookers.

How to reach Karanjia

Karanjia is well connected with rail, road and air.

Best time to visit Karanjia

Karanjia tourism is at its best from October to March when the climate is cool, and festivals are lined up to entertain its visitors.

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