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Dhenkanal, situated at a distance of 99 km from the capital city of Bhubaneswar, is a lovely place. Nature has played a great role in bestowing Dhenkanal with abundant natural beauty. The hamlet of Dhenkanal is a sun-kissed land that is rich in the natural treasures of flora and fauna. The beauty of the place is due to the fact that it is endowed with hills, valleys and rivers.

Dhenkanal is mainly known for its deep green forests and large wild animals like tigers and elephants. The place is a standing example of the fact that there is no better architect than nature itself. The landscape of Dhenkanal has a lot of manmade architectural splendors that accent its natural beauty.

Tourist places in and around Dhenkanal

Dhenkanal tourism has several treasures in its kitty to offer the visitors. Dhenkanal is a place that carries great respect for its culture and religion. That is why there are several religious places in and around the district of Dhenkanal. The place has a lot of beautiful temples dedicated to various Hindu Gods. Among them, the Balabhadra temple is a famous place of worship dedicated to Lord Balabhadra. It was built in the 18th century.

The Sambhugopal Temple is another famous temple that is visited frequently by the Hindu devotees. The Raghunath Temple, constructed in honour of the Hindu deity, Lord Ram, attracts tourists due to its beauty. The old temple of Kunajakanta Krishna Temple draws devotees even today from far off places. Among the other attractions presented by Dhenkanal tourism are Kapilash, the famed abode of Lord Shiva; Joranda, the religious head quarter of the Mahima Dharma; Kualo, a place well-known for its various temples dedicated to several Hindu Gods; etc.

A few kilometres from Dhenkanal are Saptasajya, a beautiful place where the temple of Lord Rama is situated. Ladagada is another famous attraction of the Dhenkanal tourism. It is a site dedicated to the worship of Lord Siddheswar. Saranga attracts tourists to observe the splendid image of Lord Vishnu resting under the hoods of Anant, the serpent king. Dandadhar is a place of scenic beauty that attracts tourists in large numbers.

Best time to visit Dhenkanal

The best season to visit Dhenkanal is during the winter months of October to December, February and March.

How to reach Dhenkanal

Dhenkanal is a township that is connected by air, rail and road networks. The airport at Bhubaneswar is the closest airport. The railway station at Cuttack is the nearest railway station to Dhenkanal. Dhenkanal is a place that has taxis for travelling short and long distances.

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