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Karanjia Attractions - Tourist Places To Visit In Karanjia

  • 01Maa Ambika Temple

    Maa Ambika Temple

    Maa Ambika Temple is the most revered temple of northern Odisha. It has the shrine of Maa Ambika who is associated with Goddess Durga. The temple has several idols of other female divinities as well. The temple was built during the rule of the royal dynasty of Mayurbhanj in 1940.

    The temple is located amidst dense green forests and hills. The serene locality of the place offers a tranquil ambience where devotees can sit and meditate. One can locate numerous colourful butterflies and birds around the temple.

    Owing to the majestic scenery in the surrounding area, the place is ideal for picnics. Picnics are only allowed at the foothills keeping in mind the divinity of the temple.

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  • 02Jagannath Temple

    Jagannath Temple

    Jagannath Temple is located at 133 km from Karanjia in the town of Baripada in Mayurbhanj district. It is also known as the Haribaldev Temple. Several inscriptions found inside the temple indicate that the temple was built in 1497 by the Bhanja rulers.

    The temple is made of laterite stone and its boundry wall is a replica of the famous Jagganath Temple in Puri. Besides its presiding deity, Lord Jagganath, it has shrines of seventeen different deities. The images of these deities are in different small cells inside the temple premises.

    Rath Yatra is the famous festival celebrated with huge fun and gaiety. The Radhamohan temple located in the vicinity of this place serves as the Gudicha Mandir during Rath Yatra. This Radhamohan temple is very ancient temple and several paintings can be found on its wall even today.


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  • 03Purneshwar Shiva Temple

    Purneshwar Shiva Temple

    Purneshwar Shiva Temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and is situated in the town of Karanjia. The temple is one of the oldest temples of Karanjia. The temple is decorated with artistic designs on the interior and exterior walls.

    Shivaratri is celebrated with huge pomp and fun. Devotees from Karanjia and nearby places come here to celebrate the festival.

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  • 04Mangala Temple

    Mangala Temple

    Maa Mangala Temple of Karanjia is a perfect masterpiece of Odishan architecture. The presiding deity is Maa Mangala who symbolises Shakti and is a prominent divinity of Shaktism. The temple enshrines the goddess along with fine sculpture all over its body.

    The hall or mandap built in front of the temple is a place where several marriages and other ritual activities take place. A fire pit is located in the courtyard where homa or yajna takes place. Several festivals related to Shakti cult take place too.

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  • 05Shyamarai Temple

    Shyamarai Temple

    Shyamarai Temple is dedicated to Lord Krishna. Here, the lord can be seen with a flute in his hands and surrounded by gopis. The image of Lord Krishna surrounded by gopis is a mesmerising view and one’s heart will get filled up with devotion by looking into the holy eyes.

    The temple is decorated with beautiful designs giving it a transcendental feel. The roof of the temple is designed artistically. Janmashtami and Rash Purnima are celebrated in a grand manner.

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  • 06Rani Sati Temple

    Rani Sati Temple

    Rani Sati Temple is located in the heart of the town of Karanjia. The temple signifies the glory of intricate artistry on each and every corner of the premises. Rani Sati, believed to be the incarnation of Goddess Durga, is the presiding deity of the temple.

    Rani Sati Dadi is the main deity of all the Marwari families in India. The temple is a landmark of Karanjia. The temple enshrines other deities like Ganesha, Shiva, Hanuman, Ram and Sita along with thirteen other Satis.

    There is an arrangement for a meal as well which is available on payment basis. Rani Sati Temple is visited by many Marwari devotees from all across the country and is the must-see attraction of Karanjia.

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  • 07Barkhanda Temple

    Barkhanda Temple

    Barkhanda Temple at Gudsahi in Karanjia enshrines the local deity of the place, Goddess Barkhanda. The name Barkhanda is the local name for Goddess Durga. She is believed to be the most powerful female goddess.

    The striking feature of the temple is the intricate artistry done on the walls of the temple. Festivals like Dussehra, Navratri and Kali Puja are celebrated with deep reverence. Several visitors come here during the festivals and a small fair is also held at this time.

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  • 08Thakur Anukul Chandra Temple

    Thakur Anukul Chandra Temple

    Thakur Anukul Chandra Temple in Karanjia is a popular tourist attraction. The temple was built to propagate the preachings of Sri Sri Thakur Anukulchandra. The temple aims at teaching its devotees to live in harmony and peace.

    The preachers of the temple believe in superpower that is unseen but watches our acts and is solely responsible to reshape our life. People come here from all across the state to seek the blessings of the Thakur and to listen and follow his preaching.

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  • 09Bhimkund Waterfall

    Bhimkund is a natural water reservoir situated 40 km from Karanjia. The place is of extensive natural beauty and the water tank is considered to be very sacred. According to legends, Bhima, the second Pandava, took his bath here when the five Pandava brothers passed through these jungles with Draupadi. Even now the place is considered to be a holy place and several people gather here in January on the occasion of Makar Sankranti to take a holy dip here.

    One fair called Makar Mela is also organised during this time. One Shiva temple called Kundeshwar is located in the vicinity of the water tank. Another temple is located nearby, named Rangaburu Temple, which is often visited by local tribes to worship Maa Rangaburu. The picturesque beauty of the place is apt for picnics.

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