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Mayurbhanj – Solace In The Lap Of Nature


Tourism in Mayurbhanj is bolstered by the unsurpassed sights and sounds on offer. The festivals that are celebrated with a peerless fervor and spirit draw crowds from far and near. The Chaitra Parva festival beckons talented individuals from across the country. The recognition afforded to the talent on display is the honey that the participants come to partake in.

Tourist Places In And Around Mayurbhanj

Mayurbhanj is surrounded by places that have something on offer for every taste and personality. Tourism in Mayurbhanj is fueled by Baripada, the capital of Mayurbhanj and the Similipal National Park. The sublime scenery at Deokund is breathtaking. The lost world feel at Khiching offers tourists an opportunity to travel with temples from eras gone by.

Mayurbhanj – A Mineral Paradise

Mayurbhanj has been historically important owing to the sizable mineral deposits in the area. The mineral resources of the area have fuelled the economy of Mayurbhanj. The landscape of Mayurbhanj is partially like rolling hills with gently flowing rivers.

Although there are a large number of mines in the area, the unspoiled quality of the natural landscape has been retained through the Similipal National Park, keeping tourism in Mayurbhanj alive and thriving.

Mayurbhanj – A Celebration Of Life

Mayurbhanj puts celebration back in life. A nearly continuous stream of festivals and fairs keep the people of Mayurbhanj on their toes. Their energy is no doubt fueled by Mudhi (puffed rice) which is a staple breakfast cereal in the area.

Tourists can take a unique souvenir such as plates or bowls made from the leaves of the Sal tree. The Ratha Yatra in Baripada is second only to the chariot festival at Puri in Orissa. It definitely has to be experienced as words fail to capture the fervor and the spirit that the festival induces. Chhau Nurtya of Mayurbhanj is a form of dance that is eloquent of the cultural experiences unique to the area.

How To Reach Mayurbhanj

Being the largest district in Orissa, transportation within and to Mayurbhanj is well set up. A regular rail and road network carries locals and tourists to and from various places within the district. The first airport constructed by the British colonists in Orissa stands to this day with a 2 km runway.

Best Time To Visit

The best time to visit Mayurbhanj is between September and March when the temperature and humidity are optimal.

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How to Reach Mayurbhanj

  • By Road
    The road network within Mayurbhanj is fairly reliable and has well paved roads. Regular public transportation like air conditioned buses run across the towns and cities within Mayurbhanj. The city of Baripada is located 30 km outside of the starting point of the NH 5 which runs straight through to Chennai.
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  • By Train
    Orissa has one of the oldest railway stations in the country. Baripada was connected to the Howrah-Chennai railway corridor by Maharajah Krishna Chandra Bhanjdeo. Trains to and from Kolkata and Bhubaneswar are regular and frequented by locals and tourists alike. The best way to reach Mayurbhanj would be to take a flight to Kolkata and then a train to Baripada.
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  • By Air
    The closest international airport is the Netaji Subhas Chandra Airport 248 kilometers outside of Mayurbhanj, in Kolkata. The Sonrari, Rourkela and Birsa Munda airports are all located a fairly close distance from Mayurbhanj.
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