Nagara Sivan Kovil - Devakottai, Karaikudi

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Nagara Sivan Kovil is regarded as one of the most beautiful temples of Devakottai. The temple was built by the Nattukkottai Nagarthars of the Chettiars of Devakottai town. Hence, the temple has been built in the typical Chettiar style of architecture.

The temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva, and it is believed that He comes to the temple on a Gold Horse to bless his devotees. The other main deities at the temple are Sri Sundareswarar and Sri Meenakshi.

The Nagarthars from all over the world gather at the temple to celebrate the Navarathri Festival during the month of October each year. After the festival of Diwali, another festival, the Skandar Sashti Viazha is celebrated for 7 days. The festival is meant for the followers of Lord Murugan. The festival is celebrated with lots of pomp and show. Another very important feature of the temple is the Vaara Vazhipaadu or the weekly prayer that is being done religiously for the past 60 years now.

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