Athangudi, Karaikudi

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Athangudi village is located in Sivgangai district of Tamil Nadu and is 24 km from Karaikudi. The village itself comes within the Chettinad area and is very famous all over the country for the handmade terracotta tiles that are made only here.

The tiles are built using cement, sand, synthetic oxides and belly jelly. The terracotta tiles are first shaped and then sun-dried after which they are adorned with artistically made patterns. It is the pattern that gives the tiles their unique texture. The pattern can be decorated with various colors to make the tiles look attractive. People also get customized tiles made for their houses and lawns. The most popular design on tiles for lawns is the one depicting flora and fauna. You can also get the tiles in the colors matching your walls and upholstery.

People in the village of Athangudi tend to use these tiles for increasing the appeal of their houses. In fact, the tiles are a common feature in many ancestral houses.

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