Kanadukathan, Karaikudi

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Kanadukathan is a small town located in the district of Sivagangai and very close to the town of Karaikudi. The specialty of the place lies in the structure of its houses and the local food. The houses in Kanadukathan are huge and built in the typical Chettinad style. The main doors and entrances of the houses resemble the gateways of the Hindu temples; majestic and intricately carved.

The local cuisine of Kanadukathan is prepared in the typical Chettinad style with plenty of herbs and spices. Plenty of tourists throng to the town from Karaikudi to simply feast on the local delicacies.

A very common feature that is seen on the streets of Kanadukathan is a pot hole covered with wire mesh. These pot holes have been built to do rain water harvesting. The town uses special water purifying techniques to make rain water usable. All the towns and cities in the country could learns a thing or two from the people of Kanadukathan about water harvesting.


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