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Chettinad Palace, Karaikudi


Chettinad Palace is considered as one of the seven wonders in India. It is an amazing amalgamation of art, architecture and tradition. It was Dr Annamalai Chettiar who designed the palace and got it built in 1912. The palace is an important structure in the history of India because it provides us so much information on the technology that was available during the period. The Chettinad Palace is an outstanding example of the rich cultural heritage of the people of Chettinad.

The style of the palace is in accordance with the traditional style preferred by the Chettiars. East Asian countries and Europe have played a major role in the construction of this palace since the raw material, decorative pieces, as well as furniture and upholstery, were brought from these countries. The chandeliers, teak wood furniture, marble, mirrors, carpets and even crystals were imported. However, it is this blend of different arts and styles that gives the palace its unique identity.

Chettinad Palace Photos