Krishnamurthy Perumal Kovil, Karaikudi

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Krishnamurthy Perumal Kovil is a temple located in the town of Karaikudi. The Kovil or Koil is located right in the center of the town and is hard to miss. The temple is dedicated to two gods; Shiva and Perumal. Lord Perumal is also popularly known as Lord Thirumal by the locals of the place.

Lord Perumal is one of the avatars or forms of Lord Vishnu. According to Hindu mythology, Lord Vishnu is the God who is responsible for the sustenance of the universe while Lord Shiva is the destroyer. They form the trilogy of the Gods along with Lord Brahma who is regarded as the Creator of the universe.

According to a local belief, the two Gods visit the earth regularly in disguise and have chosen the temple as their earthly abode when they come down from the heavens. Surprisingly, idols of the consorts of the two Gods, Goddesses Parvati and Laxmi have not been established at the temple.

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