Gandhi Square - Mahar nonbu Pottal, Karaikudi

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Gandhi Square at Maharnonbu Pottal is in the town of Karaikudi and has historical significance attached to it. Many famous personalities have made great speeches standing at this Square.

The first time a famous personality visited Karaikudi was in 1906. Subramanya Bharti, who was famous Tamil poet, write and activist, visited the town and sang a poem praising the Chettiar youths who has done tremendous work for the development of the place. He sang this poem standing in front of the Gandhi Square at Maharnonbu Pottal. A photo taken at this grand event still exists and is a priceless collection in the history of India.

Father of the Nation, Mahatma Gandhi came to Karaikudi in 1927 and delivered not one, but two speeches from the square which was promptly named after him thereafter.

Pandit Jawharlal Nehru also visited the town in 1948 to open the center of CECRI. He too made a speech standing at the Square.

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