Vattakottai Fort, Kanyakumari

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This fort is situated approximately 6 km to the north east of the city Kanyakumari. Vattakottai Fort was erected in 18th century, and this was the last fort amongst the coastal forts built by the Travancore emperors.

The height of the walls of Vattakottai fort is nearly 25ft and the thickness of the walls is around 29ft on the front. The fort was built by De Lannoy, who was a Dutch naval officer.

The fort is made of stone and it includes rest rooms, watchtowers and weapon rooms. The walls inside the fort have engravings of fish design, which is supposed to be emblem of Pandyas. It is also said by the archaeologists that the fort was under the authority of Pandyas in the past.

Earlier, the Padmanabhapuram Palace was clearly visible from the peak of the fort. In the past, there used to be 1.2 m broad tunnel from the fort to the Palace, but the tunnel is closed now.

Visitors can catch a glimpse of the sea from the elevated parade ground located on top of the fort. The water of Bay of Bengal is visible from one side of the parade ground and on the other side the serene water of Arabian Sea can be seen.

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