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Bua Wala Talab, Jhajjar

Bua Wala Talab in Jhajjar has a heart rending 375 years old story of true love behind its construction. According to the legend, one day Bua, the brave and vivacious daughter of Mustaffa Khan, a satrap of the Nawab of Jhajjar, rode her horse to a forest.

Unluckily she was attacked by a tiger and screamed for help. Hearing her cries, Hassan, a poor but handsome wood cutter who was working close by rushed to the spot. He killed the tiger and brought her back in a grievously injured state.

The grateful father of Bua offered a reward to the woodcutter, but was taken aback when he requested for the hand of his daughter in marriage. Mustaffa Khan grudgingly accepted his request but postponed the event for some time. One day he asked Hassan to join the Nawab’s army and go a battle field. The wood cutter obliged, but was killed in the battle.