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  • 01Rajwada Palace

    Rajwada Palace is one of the major attractions of Indore tourism. Rajwada is the historical mansion of the rulers of the Holkar dynasty. The palace was constructed about 200 years ago, and till this day, the palace holds a special attraction for the visitors. Its grand architectural splendour is a blend of several architectural styles such as the French, Maratha and Mughal styles.

    The building is a seven storied structure which stands with pride in the centre of Indore city. The entrance to the palace is a sight to behold. A great archway serves as the entrance to the palace. A giant door constructed of wood and decorated with iron studs welcome people into this majestic structure.

    The whole palace is constructed of stone and wood. Large windows, balconies and corridors stand testimony of the grandeur of the Holkar rulers and their style. Rajwada is a must-visit for every tourist.

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  • 02Lal Bagh Palace

    Lal Bagh Palace

    Lal Bagh Palace is one of the most splendid palaces of Indore. It is a magnificent structure that stands as a three storey building on the bank of the river Khan. The palace was constructed by Maharaja Shivaji Rao Holkar. The palace was used to host royal receptions of the Holkars.

    The unique architectural design of the Lal Bagh Palace made it one of the most famous palaces in Indore. The palace is a reflection of the stylish and grand way of life of the Holkar rulers. The palace has one of the most beautiful rose gardens of India.

    The entrance of the palace is a spectacular sight. Lal Bagh Palace is decorated with exclusive paintings and sculptures from India and Italy. The carvings on the walls and ceilings are outstanding. There is a brilliant coin collection in the palace. The palace, spread over 28 acres, has been converted into a museum.

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  • 03Kanch Mandir

    Kanch Mandir

    Kanch Mandir of Indore is a spectacular temple. It is built of white stone. The temple is designed as a medieval mansion on the outside, which has a canopy balcony and a shikara. The inside of the temple is a dazzling display in glass. Kanch Mandir is a Jain temple that was built by Seth Hukamchand, a famous cotton trader of the early 20th century.

    The temple is a splendid work of craftsmanship in glass. Everything inside the temple, walls, ceiling, floor, pillars, doors are covered in glass panels and mosaics. The use of multicoloured glass in the entire interior of the temple gives this structure a splendid look.

    The beauty of the temple is further increased by the use of daintily crafted glass lanterns and chandeliers made from cut glass. The temple houses idols of Lord Mahavira and Tirthankaras. The temple is visited by Jain pilgrims and tourists alike.

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  • 04Chhatribagh


    Chhatri Bagh is a place featuring groups of memorial canopies, which are known as chhatris. These memorial canopies are dedicated to the memory of the rulers of Holkar dynasty and their family members. Chhatri Bagh is situated near the Khan river. The cenotaphs of Chhatri Bagh are dome shaped and have pyramidal spires on top of them.

    Each chhatri commemorates to the burial site of a king or a queen. The centre of attraction in this place is the cenotaph dedicated to Malhar Rao Holkar I, the founder of the Holkar dynasty. The place holds a special attraction for the visitors during the night. Every night the place presents a spectacular sight when the chhatris are illuminated, and fountains, set up in the artificial lake, begin operating. This artificial lake is surrounded by gardens and offers boating facilities for the visitors. Such a spectacle is a must visit for the tourists.

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  • 05Indore Museum

    Indore Museum

    Indore Museum is the building which preserves the heritage of the Indore city. Indore Museum is also known as the Central Museum. The museum serves as a knowledge hub for people who are interested in knowing the roots of tradition and culture, the way the ancestors used to live and the way the rich civilization developed and reached its present state.

    The museum is the best location to know about the Parmar sculptures, which originated in Indore. The museum preserves the rich and varied Hindu and Jain sculptures of Madhya Pradesh. The collection of the museum includes artifacts from the pre-historic age, collection of coins, arms, mythological carvings, etc.

    A museum is the best place to know about the history of that place. Visitors often feel fascinated by the rich heritage of Indore and come to visit the museum to know more about the interesting history of the place.

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  • 06Mahatma Gandhi Hall

    Mahatma Gandhi Hall

    Mahatma Gandhi Hall is one of the landmark buildings of Indore. It was built in the year 1904 and was named the King Edward Hall. After India gained independence, this grand hall was renamed as Mahatma Gandhi Hall in 1948. The hall, designed in Indo-Gothic architectural style by Charles Frederick Stevens of Bombay, is an architectural wonder. It is also known as the town hall. The hall holds major attraction for the tourists in the form of a clock tower.

    This four-faced tower is built in the centre of the building and has a dome covering it. The hall is also known as the clock tower or Ghanta Ghar among the locals. The terraced roof, ornamental moldings, high ceilings, furnished rooms, minarets all work together to give the place a grand look. The spacious hall can easily accommodate 2000 people. The hall houses a children’s park and a library.

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  • 07Annapurna Temple

    Annapurna Temple

    Annapurna Temple is a magnificent temple situated in Indore. The temple is famous for several reasons. It is one of the oldest temples of Indore. The temple was constructed in the 9th century with a blend of Indo-Aryan and Dravidian architectural styles. It has a height of more than 100 ft. It is dedicated to the Hindu Goddess, Annapurna, who is believed to be the goddess of food.

    The wonderful architecture of the temple draws inspiration from the world famous Meenakshi temple of Madurai. The entrance to the temple is a grand sight. Four large elephants support an ornate gate. Inside the temple complex, there are separate temples for Annapurna, Shiva, Hanuman and Kal Bhairav.

    The outer walls of the temple exhibit colourful mythological images. A major attraction of the temple is the 14 ½ ft high statue of Lord Kashi Vishwanath in the lotus position.

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  • 08Bada Ganpati Temple

    Bada Ganpati Temple

    Bada Ganpati Temple is a famous temple of Indore. The temple is well-known due to the huge size of the idol of Ganpati or Ganesha. Standing tall at 25 ft, this idol of Ganesha is considered to be the largest Ganapathy idol in the world. The temple was constructed in the year 1875.

    Legend has it that one of the residents of the city of Avantika (Ujjain), Sri Dadhich dreamt of Lord Ganesha and woke up the next day and decided to build the statue. It is the configuration of the idol that is most interesting.

    The idol is made of bricks, limestone, jaggery, soil of the seven mocha puris, mud from the stables of horse, cow and elephant and the powder of Pancharatna (diamond, emerald, pearl, ruby and topaz) and the holy water of all the major pilgrimage sites. The metallic frame is made of gold, silver, brass, copper and iron.

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  • 09Gomatgiri


    Gomatgiri is nestled between the natural environs of a hill. It is a temple of worship for the people belonging to the Jain community. The temple is famous for the idol, which is a huge statue of Lord Gomateshwar or Bahubali. The height of the statue is 21 ft, and it is a replica of the Bahubali statue found in Shravanabelagola.

    Gomatgiri is the place where 24 marble temples have been constructed to dedicate to the 24 Thirthankars of Jain religion. The temple is a sight to behold. The serene atmosphere within the white walls of the grand temple can act as the perfect place to sit down and enjoy the unique blend of peace and natural beauty.

    Gomatgiri is a favourite destination for a peaceful getaway with your family on the weekends. The place has all facilities to make visitors comfortable, like a guest house, restaurant and a dharmashala.

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  • 10Khajrana Ganesha Temple

    Khajrana Ganesha Temple

    Khajrana Ganesha Temple is a famous religious site of Indore. The temple was constructed by Rani Ahilyabai Holkar. The reigning deity of the temple is the Hindu God Ganesha. This temple holds much significance among the devotees. It is widely believed that wishes are fulfilled when you pray in this temple.

    As a result, this temple sees huge rush of devotees, who come here to offer prayers and seek blessings of the Lord. Every Wednesday and Sunday devotees visit the temple in large numbers. The temple houses several other deities also. Vinayak Chaturthi, which is a big festival celebrated in honour of Lord Ganesha, is observed in the temple with much splendour.

    The Khajrana Ganesha Temple is not only famous among the locals and devotees, it is also a major site of tourist attraction. Visitors often make it a point to visit the temple when they are in Indore.

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  • 11Bijasen Tekri

    Bijasen Tekri

    Bijasen Tekri is a beautiful temple of Bijasen Mata, situated on a hill-top in Indore. Bijasen Mata is said to be a secret form of Goddess Durga. Widely known as Bijasen Tekri, this small temple was built in the year 1920. The location of the temple offers a splendid view of the city lying below.

    A fair is held in the temple premises during the festival of Navratri every year. This fair attracts people from far and near to the temple grounds. Watching the sunset from the hill top is also a charming experience in itself. Near the temple is situated a guest house of the Holkars. But it has now been transformed into a Border Security Force Arms Museum.

    Visitors coming to Indore often make it a point to visit this small but beautiful temple. The temple is easily accessible from the airport as well as the railway stations of Indore.

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  • 12Sukh Niwas Palace

    Sukh Niwas Palace

    Sukh Niwas Palace is another jewel in Indore’s architectural wonders. This palace was used by the rulers of Holkar dynasty as their summer palace. The splendid mansion is a wonderful structure built as a blend of Indian and Western architectural style. It reflects the choice and style of the royal members of the Holkar dynasty and their luxurious lifestyle.

    An attraction of this beautiful palace is the presence of an underground tunnel, which acts as the link between the Sukh Niwas Palace and the old palace of the Holkar kings. The beauty and attraction of Sukh Niwas Palace is increased by the lush gardens surrounding the palace.

    This historical palace with a rich heritage acts as a picnic resort today. People throng in huge numbers to enjoy the charm of the palace that till today stands as a reminder of the grand style of the kings of Indore.

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  • 13Patalpani


    Patal Pani is a wonderful waterfall situated at a distance of 36 km from the city of Indore. The waterfall has a height of about 300 ft. But the depth of the water pit formed at the base of the waterfall is not known. The legend prevalent about the waterfall is that the pit reaches the underground or patal and hence the name “Patal Pani”.

    During the hot summer season, the waterfall almost dries up. The stream during that period of the year is as good as a trickle. But the waterfall gains its full glory after the rainy season. By the month of July the water can be seen in its full power, rushing down the fall.

    The waterfall is a famous picnic spot and trekking area. But the waterfall has flash floods in the monsoon season, which makes it dangerous to venture close to the fall at that time.

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  • 14Krishnapura Chhatri

    Krishnapura Chhatri is located on the banks of river Khan. It is actually a cenotaph that has been constructed for one of the royal tombs of the members of the great Holkar dynasty. The specialty of the chhatri is the splendid architectural designs that have been created with precision and meticulous craftsmanship.

    The cenotaphs were constructed in the Maratha style of architecture. They were decorated with spires and domes and these beautiful structures hold an attraction for the clients even today. Though ages have passed since these lovely structures were created, their charm has not lost the appeal among the public.

    Even today people flock in numbers to have a glimpse of such architectural wonders. At night, these chhatris are illuminated with light. Fountains have been constructed to add to the beauty of the place. A garden further adds to the beauty of the place and attracts the tourists.

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  • 15Kamala Nehru Park

    Kamala Nehru Park

    Kamala Nehru Park, the zoological park of Indore is a well-known tourist destination. The park covers an area of 4000 sq ft. It is known as Chidiya Ghar among the locals. The park is situated in a natural environment and overlooks the beautiful river Khan on one side.

    Various species of birds and animals are found inside the park. Among the specialties of the park are a white tigress and her cubs, which have been reared under special conditions in the park. The park is responsible for the reproduction and protection of the animals and plants in their natural environment.

    Various attractions like the pony rides, elephant rides and camel rides attract visitors to this place. The park also has a playing area for the enjoyment of little children. It has small rides and a beautiful garden. The park is an ideal place to visit if you have kids accompanying you.

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