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Maheshwar is a quaint town seated in the district of Khargone in the state of Madhya Pradesh. The place is truly rich in its heritage and is famous for its finest handloom fabrics, which boosts Maheshwar tourism. Moreover, it is among the most culturally sound places in Madhya Pradesh.

Tourist Places In And Around Maheshwar

Maheshwar tourism packages are flooded with heritage sites of attraction. Be it the forts, ghats, palaces, temples or any other site, tourists accumulate in huge numbers to enjoy their stay at Maheshwar. Tourists are often surprised by the distinct architecture that sets some different standard for the heritage built all over Maheshwar.

Maheshwar - Divine Connection And Celebrations

Maheshwar houses numerous temples of Lord Shiva and the name of the place can be literally translated as “abode of Lord Mahesh”, Mahesh being another name of Lord Shiva. The place has been a pilgrimage centre for thousands of people since time immemorial.

Visitors to this place gain the true feeling of divinity while taking a holy bath in the sacred Narmada and visiting the temples all over Maheshwar. This town is undoubtedly a place where festivals are celebrated with zeal and enthusiasm. The Mahaamrityunjaya Rath Yatra, festivals of Lord Ganesha and Navratri are some of the festivals celebrated here.

How To Reach Maheshwar

Maheshwar is just 3 hours away from Indore. Buses are a convenient choice to travel from the major cities of Madhya Pradesh to Maheshwar.

Best Time To Visit Maheshwar

The best time to holiday at Maheshwar is during the winter season. While holidaying at this place, do not forget to buy Maheshwari cotton sarees for the women in your life.

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