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Narmada Ghat, Maheshwar


The Narmada Ghat was built in the 18th century by the then ruler of Holkar state, Maharani Ahilya Bai Holkar. It is believed that Narmada is the holiest of all the sacred rivers in India. There are also sayings about Ganga taking the form of a black cow at night and coming to cleanse herself in Narmada when she feels unclean.

The Narmada Ghat is always crowded with devotees who visit the Ghat in order to take a holy bath. The view of the river from this Ghat is breathtaking. Since it flows through the entire state, Narmada holds an inseparable position in the hearts of the people of Madhya Pradesh.

Distinct in itself, Narmada Ghat has been a sacred part of Maheshwar since ever. Tourists visiting Maheshwar are bound to get amazed by the fact that every day there come thousands of people who consider bathing in Narmada as a gesture of extreme devotion and sacredness.

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