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Kanch Mandir, Indore

Kanch Mandir of Indore is a spectacular temple. It is built of white stone. The temple is designed as a medieval mansion on the outside, which has a canopy balcony and a shikara. The inside of the temple is a dazzling display in glass. Kanch Mandir is a Jain temple that was built by Seth Hukamchand, a famous cotton trader of the early 20th century.

The temple is a splendid work of craftsmanship in glass. Everything inside the temple, walls, ceiling, floor, pillars, doors are covered in glass panels and mosaics. The use of multicoloured glass in the entire interior of the temple gives this structure a splendid look.

The beauty of the temple is further increased by the use of daintily crafted glass lanterns and chandeliers made from cut glass. The temple houses idols of Lord Mahavira and Tirthankaras. The temple is visited by Jain pilgrims and tourists alike.