Rajwada Palace, Indore

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Rajwada Palace is one of the major attractions of Indore tourism. Rajwada is the historical mansion of the rulers of the Holkar dynasty. The palace was constructed about 200 years ago, and till this day, the palace holds a special attraction for the visitors. Its grand architectural splendor is a blend of several architectural styles such as the French, Maratha and Mughal styles. The building is a seven storied structure which stands with pride in the center of Indore city.

The entrance to the palace is a sight to behold. A great archway serves as the entrance to the palace. A giant door constructed of wood and decorated with iron studs welcome people into this majestic structure. The whole palace is constructed of stone and wood. Large windows, balconies and corridors stand testimony of the grandeur of the Holkar rulers and their style. Rajwada is a must-visit for every tourist.

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