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Chhatribagh, Indore

Chhatri Bagh is a place featuring groups of memorial canopies, which are known as chhatris. These memorial canopies are dedicated to the memory of the rulers of Holkar dynasty and their family members. Chhatri Bagh is situated near the Khan river. The cenotaphs of Chhatri Bagh are dome shaped and have pyramidal spires on top of them.

Each chhatri commemorates to the burial site of a king or a queen. The centre of attraction in this place is the cenotaph dedicated to Malhar Rao Holkar I, the founder of the Holkar dynasty. The place holds a special attraction for the visitors during the night. Every night the place presents a spectacular sight when the chhatris are illuminated, and fountains, set up in the artificial lake, begin operating. This artificial lake is surrounded by gardens and offers boating facilities for the visitors. Such a spectacle is a must visit for the tourists.