Polo Ground, Imphal

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Polo Ground is the oldest polo ground in the world. Polo though popularised by the British originated in Manipur where players on horseback are required to score goals to win. It is a team sports. The game in Manipur was known as ‘Kanjai-bazee’, ‘Sagol Kangje’, or ‘Pulu’, the word which in an anglicised form is today known as Polo.

References of the Polo Ground in Imphal can be found in the royal chronicle Cheitharol Kumbaba written in about 33 AD. Many important personalities and players of the game have visited Imphal to play in the Polo Grounds. The father of modern Polo, Lieutenant Sherer had visited the grounds in the 1850s. Lord Curzon the Viceroy of India had also visited the grounds in 1901.

Till today, every year the game is played in the Polo Grounds. The Imphal Polo Riding Club, located in the vicinity of the Grounds imparts regular coaching for the sport.


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