Kangla Palace, Imphal

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A place of pride for the Manipuri, the Palace of Kangla has been standing strong since the 17th century. Kangla comes from the Meitei word meaning ‘dry land’. The Palace of Kangla, commonly known as the Kangla fort is situated on the banks of the Imphal River and can well be described as a fortress city.

Though much of it is in ruins now, it isn’t difficult to guess that once it held important political and religious significance. The Palace of Kangla also served as the seat of the Meitei kings who ruled over Manipur. The astounding brick walls served as a prison in 1632 AD when Chinese prisoners were captured and kept here.

After the Manipuri kings lost to the British in the Anglo-Manipur War in 1891, the fort was occupied by the security forces. Even after Independence, the Assam Rifles occupied the fort, and it was only in 2004 that it was handed over to the state government.


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