Manipur Zoological Gardens, Imphal

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The Manipur Zoological Gardens has been specially constructed for preservation of rare species. Located about eight kilometres from Imphal on the Imphal Kangchup Road, the Manipur Zoological Gardens covers an area of eight hectares. It is also known as the Jewel Box of Manipur as it is truly the house of some endangered species.

Among the protected species found in the Manipur Zoological Gardens, the Lissome and the brow-antlered Thiamin deer (the Sangai) are popularly known. There are more 55 species of birds and 420 kinds of animals to be found here. It is also home to about 14 endangered animals.

On the south of the Garden lies the Manipur Agricultural University, in the west lies the Langol Road while the other parts are covered with paddy field. The Manipur Zoological Gardens is all greenery, a soothing sight for the tired bodies. A day can be well spent here.


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