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Imphal Weather

If you are planning to visit Imphal the best season to travel would be during the summer months which are the major tourist season. Monsoon can severely restrict your movement to the nearby areas of interest. However if one is adventurous, experiencing some bone chilling cold is worth a try.


Summer starts here in the month of March and lasts till June when the temperature ranges between 30 degree centigrade on the higher side and 12 degree centigrade on the lower side. May is the hottest month when temperatures can reach the mid-thirties. It is also very humid during this time of the year.


By the month of July rainfall descends into Imphal. The skies open up and the monsoon season lasts till the month of October. It rains heavily during these months especially in July and August when one can witness up to 20 centimetres of rainfall.


Winters can be very harsh in Imphal with temperatures dropping down to 0 degree centigrade during the month of January. The day temperature remains high and reaches 25 degree centigrade. The winter season starts in November and last up to February. Cold chilling winds blow during this time of the year.