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There are several small rivers flowing down the hills in Manipur. Several of these have drained over to the Imphal Valley giving it an oval shape. The Imphal Valley covers 1843 square kilometres and accounts to one-tenth of the area of Manipur. The Valley also accounts for 70 per cent of the population in the state. Some of the rivers that flow down to the Valley are Imphal River, Khuga, Iril, Thoubal and Sekmai.

There are numerous lakes, swampy areas marshes in the Valley. The most famous of the lakes in the area is the Loktak Lake known to be the largest freshwater lakes in north-east India. The Loktak Lake is also called the Floating Lake and is one of the major tourist attractions in Manipur.

Apart from the Loktak Lake, the Imphal Valley also has several other tourist attractions such as the Palace of Kangla, Manipur State Museum and the Polo Ground.


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