Hanuman Temple at Mahabali, Imphal

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Among the many temples in Imphal, the Hanuman Temple stands out as one of the most revered temples in the city. Situated on the banks of the Imphal River in the Mahabali forest, the Hanuman temple has a human form idol of the monkey God carved out of a single slab of stone.

A very old temple believed to have been built around 1725, the Hanuman Temple was probably constructed by King Garib Niwaj. It is also believed to be the only temple built in that era. The architecture of the temple has resemblance to a Bengali-style dome-shaped hut. The Hanuman Temple stands out as a historical and archaeological evidence of the Ramanandi cult of Hinduism that was followed in Manipur.

In the surrounding forests, numerous monkeys can be found, but the amazing thing is that these monkeys never cross the limits of the Mahabali forest and always remain within the temple area.

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