Old Pandeshwar Temple, Hastinapur

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Hastinapur, meaning the city of elephants, was the capital city of Kauravas in the times of Mahabharat. While the war between Kauravas and Pandavas was fought in Kurukshetra, its seeds were actually sown in Hastinapur. After the War of Mahabharata, Hastinapur was ruled over by the Pandavas.

Located in the ruins of the old city of Hastinapur, Old Pandeshwar Temple is dedicated to God Shiva. According to the legends, the Shiv ling housed in the sanctum sanctorum of the temple was donated by danvir Karan, the eldest brother of the Pandavas, who was considered to be the greatest philanthropist of his times.

Karan was one of the greatest heroes of Mahabharata, who fought on the side of Kauravas.

The temple is located below the idol of Goddess Kali built by the Bengali community on the top of a small hillock. It offers a spectacular view of the city of Hastinapur and its surroundings.

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