Jambudweep, Hastinapur

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Jambudweep is an island type temple complex in the famous Jain pilgrim city of Hastinapur. It is believed that the revered Jain Sadhvi Poojya Aryika Ratna Gyanmati Mataji saw its vision in course of her meditation before the idol of Bhawan Bahubali in the Vindhya Mountain ranges in 1965.

The authenticity of her vision was later confirmed when it was found that its description matched the one provided in the 2000 year old Jain scriptures.

It is believed that first Jain Tirthankar Lord Rishabhdev also saw the same vision in his dream. Jambudweep is, in fact, the structural representation of the concept of the world geography as portrayed by Tirthankars in the religious books.

The model of the island, based upon the scriptural descriptions, was built by the Trilok Shodha Sansthan, Hastinapur. It hosts the legendary Sumeru Parvat, the highest and the biggest range running into millions of miles somewhere in Universe.

Sumeru Parvat in Jambudweep is 101 feet high. It has Chaityalayas, rivers, hills and the fabled Lavna Samudra.

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