Lotus Temple, Hastinapur

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Also popularly known by its Hindi version, Kamal Mandir, Lotus Temple is located in the courtyard of the legendary Jambudweep Temple. The small yet beautiful temple was built in February 1975. It houses the idol of Lord Mahavir.

The temple draws huge crowds of devotees, pilgrims and visitors who make generous donations as part of their worship. They light diyas (earthen lamps)and offer chhattras- golden umbrellas- for fulfillment of their wishes.

The temple is situated close to the 101 feet high Sumeru Parvat-mountain—whose Pandushikha or the topmost point, pinnacle, can be reached after climbing 136 inner steps of the flight of stairs.

The top of the Sumeru Parvat offers spectacular views of the mountains, rivers, temples, gardens of the Jambudweep as well as the woods surrounding the city.

According to Jain scriptures, Sumeru Parvat is the most sacred and the highest mountain in the universe. All the Jain Tirathankars were anointed at this mountain. This explains why its model has been built in the temple.

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