Jain Jambudweep Mandir, Hastinapur

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Jain Jambudweep Mandir owes its construction to the tireless and dedicated efforts of a highly revered Jain Saadhvi, Param Pujya Shiromani Shri Gyanmati Mataji.

It is said that saadhvi saw the vision of a grand Madhyalok-Middle Universe along with thirteen islands –Terahdweep - while she was meditating below the sacred idol of Bhagwan Bahubali in Vindhya Mountain in 1965.

What she saw in her vision was authenticated by the similar descriptions in Jain scriptures such as Tiloypannatti and Triloksar dating 2000 years back. It is believed that the first Jain Tirthankar Lord Rishabhdev, or Yuvrar Shreyans of Hastinapur also saw Sumeru Mountain in his dream.

The sadhvi started a padyatra (journey on foot) throughout the country to look for the right venue. She finally landed in Hastinapur and decided to realize her dream project at this holy place. The foundation stone of the temple was laid in 1974 and it was completed in 1985.

The structure of the temple depicts the model of the universe according to Jain geography. It houses the 101 feet tall Sumeru Parbat in the centre and a 250 feet -diameter Jambudweep having four regions in its four sides: East, West, North and South.

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