Virupapura, Hampi

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Travellers can choose to visit Virupapur Gadde, an area that is situated across the river in proximity of the Virupaksha Temple near Hampi. It is heavily suggested to visitors for its scenic beauty, tourist huts and lodges. Notably, the area is well known as a 'hippy hideout'. People interested in visiting this place have to take a coracle ferry as the bridge is not available to cross the river.

After reaching the site, visitors can see the remains of Bukka's Aqueduct, an old bridge-like structure that had been constructed across the river. Tourists can use Bukka's Aqueduct to reach the main road in order to visit Anjaneya Temple, Anegondi and Pampa Sarovar. Travellers can explore the locality during daytime and later can rent a thatched hut for an overnight stay. Virupapur Gadde is perfect for people who are interested in undertaking bouldering. Tourists can visit guesthouses in this area that can provide them with the items and services required for this activity.

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