Lotus Temple, Hampi

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Lotus Palace (a part of Zenana Enclosure) is well known for its Indo-Islamic architectural style. It is a popular palace situated in close proximity to the Hazara Rama Temple. This site has been named Lotus Palace as it includes archways that resemble petals of lotus flower. The Lotus Mahal, otherwise known as Kamal Mahal and Chitragani Mahal, has two storeys that are embellished with recessed archways.

Queens and their friends belonging to royal families used to meet at the Zenana Enclosure and enjoy the proceedings going on at Lotus Palace. This site acted as an air-cooled summer palace for the Queens in ancient times. The Kamal Mahal is one of the few popular structures that have not lost their sheen after the region was seized. However, some signs of vandalism can be found on the outer surface and scriptures. As oppose to majority of historical structures in Hampi, the Lotus Palace has been constructed by combining lime, brick and mortar.

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