The Underground Temple, Hampi

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Travellers visiting Hampi cannot afford to miss the Underground Temple that is dedicated to Lord Shiva (Prasanna Virupaksha). This temple has been constructed below ground level, and the main segments and sanctum of the site remain under water most of the time. Entry to the inner regions has been restricted, though a dry canal allows tourists to enter the structure to a point.

The Underground Temple has been regarded as one of the oldest temples in Hampi and is a popular tourist attraction. The site is situated in proximity of the Noblemen's Quarters near the main road, close to Hampi bus stand. Visitors can get access to the temple via the main tower that is situated in front of the campus.

Large steps and the sanctum will lead visitors to the inside of the Underground Temple. The main hall is located in front of the shrine along with cubicle pillars that are supporting the roof. Travellers can get the chance to visit the sanctum area according to the water level at the given point of time. The temple is surrounded by a beautiful lawn.

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