The Kings Balance, Hampi

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The renowned Kings' Balance, otherwise known as Tula Bhara or Tula Purushadana, is located to the southwest of Vijayavitthala Temple. This site is known has been named King's Balance as the local monarchs used to weigh themselves in grain, gold, silver, gems and other such precious items. This was done during special occasions like solar and lunar eclipses and the material weighed against the king's weight was then given to priests. The historic charm o this site makes it quite popular among tourists planning a trip to Hampi. Two 15 ft high granite pillars that are holding a 12 ft stone beam are present at this site, with three hoops that are located on the underside of the structure. Out of the two pillars, one is embellished with the bas-relief sculpture that illustrates a king and two queens, most likely Krishna Deva Raya and his wives.It is situated as an archway where the Kampa Bhupa's Path ends near the Vijayvittala Temple.
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