Sasivekalu Ganesha, Hampi

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Travellers planning their trip to Hampi must visit the Sasivekalu Ganesha Temple that is situated at the foot of Hemakuta Hill. This temple is popular for its 8 ft Ganesha idol that resembles mustard seeds. Owning to its resemblance with mustard seeds, natives have named this idol as Sasivekalu Ganesha. According to mythology, Lord Ganesha ate beyond his limit and afterwards tied a snake around his stomach in order to prevent it from bursting.

The idol has been carved out of a single boulder, wherein the deity's right hands are seen holding a broken tusk and the ankusa. The upper left hand contains a looped pasa while lower left hand and the trunk are separated from the monolith.

On reaching Sasivekalu Ganesha, visitors will notice that the idol is surrounded by a large pavilion. As per the information provided by inscriptions, this pavilion was built in 1506 AD by a merchant from Chandragiri. He sculpted this pavilion in honour of King Narasimha II of the Vijayanagara dynasty.

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