Hazara Rama Temple, Hampi

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Hazara Rama Temple, situated in the midst of the Royal Enclosure, is one of the prime attractions of Hampi. This site was used only for ceremonial processions and is renowned among devotees for its bas-relief sculptures that represent important events that occurred in Ramayana. It is one of the popular temples dedicated to Lord Vishnu in Hampi region. The walls of this temple are adorned with 15th century art work, such as carvings of elephants, horses, soldiers and dancing girls.

Four ornately carved granite pillars enhance the exquisiteness of the Ardha Mantapa. Tourists visiting the Hazara Rama Temple can explore the architectural and cultural heritage that existed during the rule of former kings. One of the unique things about this temple is carvings that are present outside compound walls. It houses an image of Lord Buddha, who was the ninth avatar of Lord Vishnu. Zenana Enclosure and Lotus Mahal are some of the attractions that are located in close proximity of Hazara Rama Temple.

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