Badava Linga, Hampi

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Badava Linga, a 9 ft tall temple, is situated in close proximity to Lakshmi Narasimha Temple. The unique fact about Badava Linga is that this structure is permanently enclosed by the water that runs via an ancient channel. The monolithic linga has been carved with three eyes, which represent the three eyes of Lord Shiva. It is suggested that all travellers crossing Hampi should visit this temple if time permits.

According to local beliefs, a poor native aboriginal called Hampi promised to construct a Shiva Linga if his wishes are fulfilled. Lord Shiva decided to help this poor devotee by fulfilling his wishes. Afterwards, the devotee carved out the Badava Linga from a big stone that he dedicated to Lord Shiva. Another legend says that this linga was sanctioned by a peasant woman, who named it Badva Linga as badva literally means poor in the local language.

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