Manasi Ganga tank, Govardhan

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A masonry tank, built by Raja Bhagwan Das and Raja Man Singh, Mansi Ganga Tank is located in the centre of Govardhan town. The word ‘mansi’ means mind.

According to a legend, Nand and Jasoda, the foster parents of Krishna wanted to take a holy dip in River Ganga. Since it was located far away, the residents of Brij did not want them to leave Vrindavan and go there.

They however wished that Mother Ganga could somehow come to their place. When Krishna heard about their desire, he brought Ganga to Govardhan the power of his mind. The tank is, therefore, called Mansi Ganga. When Nand, Yasoda and other Brijwasi went to take a bath in the river, they also saw Mother Ganga riding her crocodile carrier.

It is believed that a dip in the holy Mansi Ganga brings in million times more spiritual merit in the form of the love of Shri Krishna. The parikrama around Govardhan starts and ends with a dip in Mansi Ganga.

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