Har Deva Ji Temple, Govardhan

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According to scriptures, Radha Rani and gopis were once waiting to meet their beloved Krishna on the bank of Manasi Ganga. Since he did not come for a long time they started chanting the name of Harideva to invoke their Lord. Touched by their love, Krishna appeared before them in the form of a lovely seven year old boy carrying the Govardhan Hill on his left hand and a flute in his right hand.

Gratified and pleased by this divine gesture, Radha Rani and gopis started coming daily at the site and singing devotional songs. It is also believed that the original Hardeva temple was built by Krishna’s grandson.

The present Hardeva Temple was built by King Bhagandas of Jaipur in the sixteenth century during the reign of Emperor Akbar. Devotees take a bath in the Manasi Ganga and perform Parikrama around the temple before entering the shrine to have the darshan of Lord Harideva and seek his blessings.

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