Radha Kund, Govardhan

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According to legends, after Lord Krishna killed a giant demon, Asita who appeared in the form of a bull, his consort Radha asked him to wash off his sins by taking a bath in a number of holy rivers.

Krishna laughed on hearing this request and stamped his foot on the place he was standing. All the rivers mentioned by Radha appeared and formed a kund - a water body. He took a bath in it. The pond came to be known as Shyam Kund.

Radha felt indignant at this kind of display of power by Krishna. She along with her friends (gopis), dug a pit in the earth with their bangles and filled it with water from Manasi Ganga. That was how Radha Kunda, a large lake was formed near Govardhan.

Situated five kilometers from Govardhan, the revered Kund draws huge crowds of devotees especially during the months of October and November when an annual fair is held to celebrate the event. People take a holy dip in the kund and wash off their sins.

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