Kusum Sarovar, Govardhan

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Kusum Sarovar is a popular holy tank in Govardhan. Kusum means flower. The tank drew its name from the flowers that grew profusely around it. It is believed that gopis or milkmaids used to pick flowers from this place and waited for their beloved Lord Krishna so they could offer them to him.

Situated just about half an hour walk from another holy pond, Radha Kund, Kusum Sarovar is 450 feet long and 60 feet deep.

It is surrounded by flights of steps on all its sides. Since Kadamba was the favorite tree of Lord Krishna, the embankment of the pond is covered with dense growth of Kadmba trees.

The groves also house a cenotaph of the members of an ancient royal family. There are several small temples and ashrams close to the tank. The area attracts large crowds of devotees in the evenings. They come here to participate in the artis and prayers amidst the tranquil surroundings.

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