Zoological Park, Dimapur

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Without getting a sense of the flora and fauna of a place, a visit to a new place can be quite incomplete. In Dimapur, the Zoological Park reconnects people to Nature and also educates about the rich flora and fauna of the state and the north eastern region at large. The park serves as a recreational spot and an educational hub.

The Zoological Park of Dimapur is located 6 kilometres from the city centre covering a total area of 176 hectares or 434.90 acres. The park is located on a plateau and has low lying areas ideal for aquatic birds. The state government inaugurated the Zoological Park on the 28th August, 2008 with the mission to educate the people of the state about the rich natural abundance.

The Zoological Park also serves as a Conservation Centre of the state as well as the entire north eastern region.

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