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Live Weather Forecast
Dimapur,Nagaland 26 ℃ Clear
Wind: 3 from the S Humidity: 85% Pressure: 1008 mb Cloud Cover: 20%
5 Days weather forecast
Day Outlook Min Max
Saturday 23 Sep 25 ℃ 78 ℉ 35 ℃95 ℉
Sunday 24 Sep 25 ℃ 77 ℉ 35 ℃95 ℉
Monday 25 Sep 25 ℃ 77 ℉ 36 ℃96 ℉
Tuesday 26 Sep 25 ℃ 78 ℉ 36 ℃96 ℉
Wednesday 27 Sep 25 ℃ 77 ℉ 35 ℃96 ℉

It is advisable to travel to Dimapur during the dry season preferably from October to May. However, if you want to experience the wetness of the place, you can visit during the monsoons. You have to be careful just to carry appropriate clothes during the wet season though.


Summers sets in by the month of May making the place extremely hot. The maximum temperature can rise to 40 degrees Celsius. Moreover, it gets very humid during this time too. The humidity can reach up to 93%. Travelling during the month of May can be cumbersome and unpleasant.


The ‘wet season’ cools down the earth here by several degrees. By the month of June, the monsoons arrive lasting till about September. While during the second week of June, Dimapur experiences southwest monsoon; the months of July and August receives heavy rainfall. The average rainfall stays up to 1500 mm.


The winters are not too harsh in Dimapur as the weather is pleasant and cool. January sees the lowest temperature at about 9-10 degrees Celsius. The winters last here from late November to February. Sometimes lower temperature of about 4 degrees Celsius can also be experienced here.