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Dimapur Ao Baptist Church, Dimapur

Located in the heart of Dimapur is the Dimapur Ao Baptist Church which is a must visit for anyone coming to this place. The church is a congregation of 5000 Ao families in and around Dimapur and has 15000 baptized members making it the largest Baptist Church in India.

The church is large enough to house a congregation of around 10,000 members at any point of time. A Sunday Mass at this church is a sight to see when the followers come dressed in traditional and formal attire. The half a century old Church is an architectural masterpiece standing tall and delivering the message of serenity, peace and brotherhood.

From a humble beginning in 1958 by two Ao families, the church has grown to becoming an institution serving the poor and the needy and spreading God’s message. Every year during Christmas the church is decorated with lights which add to its grandeur.

Dimapur Ao Baptist Church Photos