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Green Park, Dimapur


Green Park is an idyllic recreational spot in Dimapur where nature has abundantly blessed the surroundings. It is a pleasant place to hang out and has a good time with family and friends. The name, Green Park itself signifies that the place is full of greenery and thus the place doesn’t disappoint in any manner.

The Green Park is located within the premises of the state Horticulture Nursery and is maintained by the state government. There are lots you can do in the park such as enjoy boating in the lake within the park, have a leisured lunch in the open shaded grounds or even enjoy a sumptuous meal in the restaurant.

The park is open on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays and on national holidays. There is a nominal fee to enter the park. The park can also be booked for private parties on the days the park isn’t open for public.