Medziphema, Dimapur

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Medziphema is one of the popular tourist attractions near Dimapur. It is a sub-division of the Dimapur district. Previously, Medziphema was known as ‘Ghaspani’ which means ‘water from the plant’. Medziphema is placed in a beautiful location, and it lies neither on the hills nor the valleys. Medziphema is situated just 360 meters above sea level.

Medziphema is very close to both Dimapur and Kohima, and it is its strategic location that makes it popular. It is just 33 kilometres from Dimapur and 44 kilometres from Kohima. Medziphema is popular because of the School of Agricultural Sciences and Rural Development (SASRD) and Nagaland University, Medziphema campus. These two institutions are considered to be the hall mark of the town.

The Medziphema town is surrounded by several villages such as Aoyimkum, Aoyimti and Darogarjan. Medziphema’s pineapples are also very famous, and the villages close to the town are known as pineapple villages.


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