Shiv Mandir, Dimapur

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There is an interesting story of how the Shiv Mandir came into being here in Dimapur. In the year 1961, a villager from Singrijan had gone to the Rangapahar Forest Reserve where he used a big stone to sharpen his knife (dao). While he was sharpening the knife, some liquid-like substance oozed out of the stone. The same night he dreamt that the stone was Lord Shiva, who appeared as a saint in his dreams. He kept having the same dream many times and ultimately he informed the villagers about his dream.

The villagers along with the priest and learned men went to the site and confirmed that the stone was indeed a Shiva Lingam. Though initially they found the stone lying and much to their surprise couldn’t make it stand. After much prayer and offerings the stone finally was made to stand. Since then the stone has become a major place of worship in Singrijan.

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